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Quick Guide to RYOBI

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The Three Businesses of Ryobi

Since its establishment as a die casting manufacturer in December 1943, Ryobi Limited has accumulated innovative technologies by making primarily a wide range of components for the automobile industry.

From the 1960s, Ryobi has leveraged these technologies and drawn on experience cultivated in its Die Castings Business to diversify into the manufacture of builders' hardware and printing equipment.

Despite their variant sectors, Ryobi's three businesses complement each other, nurturing Ryobi as a company that boasts its Die Castings Business in tandem with its finished products.

Die Castings Business

Ryobi leads the world in die casting manufacturing and supplies a wide range of products, including cylinder blocks and transmission cases for the automobile industry.

Builders' Hardware Business

Ryobi supplies builders' hardware to make homes and offices safe and comfortable, including door closers that shut doors quietly and securely every time, and air-conditioning controllers that ensure comfortable room temperatures are maintained in hotels and other facilities.

Printing Equipment Business

Ryobi offers multi-functional offset printing presses that produce catalogs, posters, magazines, packaging and other high-quality graphic printed material speedily and to high precision levels. We provide proprietary high-quality printing presses and services to customers around the world.


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