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Business Overview

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Earning the Trust of Users and Helping Users to Experience the Joy of Creativity through Extensive Range of Power Tools

Ryobi power tools help users experience the joy of creativity. Ryobi's professional tools offer superior performance and maneuverability that enhance productivity, making them favorites with professionals. In addition to being a reliable partner for professional users, by emphasizing ease of use in their product development, Ryobi also helps DIY and gardening hobbyists to give expression to their creative energies. We are leading the power tools with our abilities to quickly identify the needs of the times and to meet these needs with sophisticated technological skills and product development.

Designed for Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts Alike, Even Lawn and Garden Equipment Is Available

Ryobi power tools—from handheld drills, circular saws and grinders to large stationary band saws and lawn and garden equipment, including lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, high-pressure washers and blower vacuums— cover a wide range of needs. We have gone to great lengths to gain the trust of users by creating safe, easy-to-use products that are highly functional and durable, products that are light and compact to minimize physical exertion, products that support ecology by decomposing and reusing garden waste such as fallen leaves and small branches.

Superior Performance and Maneuverability Make Ryobi Products Popular

Ryobi's power tools are the result of sophisticated processing technologies and the unceasing pursuit of ever more advanced motor technologies. We adhere to such concepts as light weight and compactness, and the melding of these with performance and maneuverability has produced numerous hit products.

Recognizing Current Needs and Satisfying Them through Proper Product Development

Ryobi's power tools are powered not only by electricity from outlets, but also by batteries and engines. Ryobi aims to provide superior performance and maneuverability. In response to changing construction technologies and methods, Ryobi is proactively developing products to meet these needs. Moreover, with production base in China, we are equipped with a system capable of offering products that satisfy customers in terms of quality, function and price.