Great Success at Fuchu Open House on January 18th & 19th, 2018

We are pleased to inform that an open house at RMGT Fuchu plant was held successfully on January 18th and 19th, 2018. This show was prepared for the Japanese domestic customers on January 18th, and for the overseas customers on January 19th.
On January 19th, RMGT welcomed approx.100 guests from 12 countries, from China, South East Asia, India, North America, and Europe.

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1. Opening of the event

In the beginning of the event, president Mr. K.Hirokawa made his welcome speech, and Mr. S.Utsunomiya, general manager of international sales, gave a presentation about business update of RMGT.


Presentation at RMGT Showroom #1

2. Demonstration

We have prepared three print demonstrations on 3 offset presses, showing new technologies.

(Live demo1) One pass both side packaging printing


RMGT 1050TPC-9(8/1)+CC+CUV+LD at production shop (to be shipped to Korean customer)


Printing configuration
Back side1 unit: conventional UV for solid or single color Front side 8 units: conventional UV for multi color Chamber Coater + Long Delivery : conventional UV gloss coating
Specification for package
Sheet thickness range : 0.1mm to 0.7mm
Skeleton transfer cylinder & Air chamber system (front side)

  1. Packaging for metalized sheet (t = 0.3mm)
    (Base white + Multi color + Chemical embossing with back single color solid)
  2. Thick board package with back single color solid (t = 0.45mm)

(Live demo 2) High speed printing with inline color / quality control


RMGT 1050LX-6+DU+CC+LED-UV+LD at RMGT Showroom #2


Main specifications
High speed printing (17,100 sph) and cured by LED
PQS-D (I+C) * Inline inspection(I) and color control(C)
Sheet thickness range : 0.04mm to 1.0mm
Skeleton transfer cylinder & Air chamber system


  1. Sheet (t = 0.1mm) for high speed printing at *17,100sph with PQS-D (I+C) *A high speed option
  2. Plate change by Smart-FPC(Simulchanger full automatic plate change)

(Live demo 3) A4x16p convertible perfector with inline color / quality control


RMGT 920PF-8+LED-UV at RMGT Showroom #1


Main specifications
4 color + 4 color convertible perfector
PQS-D (I+C) * Inline quality inspection(I) and color control(C)


  1. Perfecting printing (t = 0.1mm) of A4 x 4 color by 16 page product by LED-UV with PQS-D (I+C)
  2. Plates set by Smart-FPC(Simulchanger full automatic plate change)

Through the demonstration, we believe the customers could see our new technologies and we are convinced high productivity of RMGT products which enables people friendly printing such easier operation by automated features, and advanced LED-UV system.

The open house report video can been seen at the URL below.

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