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Quick Guide to RYOBI

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In Harmony with Society

Ryobi's corporate philosophy does not only refer to the provision of products and services. Through compliance with statutory regulations and principles of corporate ethics, proactive disclosure, environmental awareness and social contribution, Ryobi is fulfilling its social responsibility with a view toward creating real quality of life.

Ryobi Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Management

Guided by its corporate philosophy, "Create a sound and dynamic corporation through technology, trust and challenge," Ryobi Group has as the basis of its management the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility. To this end, Ryobi Group aims for the creation of sustainable corporate value and the realization of a better society. We are endeavoring to remain a company that not only pursues profit through fair competition, but also one that is well-liked, trusted and perceived to be useful by society at large.

Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental Protection Efforts
Concern for the global environment
(realization of a sustainable society)
Social Contribution Activities
Coexistence with local communities
Compliance with statutory regulations, ethics, etc.
Supplying Customer-centered Products and Services
Improving customer satisfaction levels
Creating Harmonious, Supportive Workplaces
Improving employee satisfaction levels,
Promoting safety and health
Active Disclosure of Corporate Information
Communication with shareholders and investors

Developing Environmental Management Systems and Adding Impetus to Environmental Protection

Having acquired ISO14001 certification, a number of Ryobi Group facilities and Group companies continuously strive to improve their environmental management systems. Moreover, in line with the Ryobi Group Environmental Policy, each company and facility has identified its own environmental targets in light of the possible environmental impact of its operations, with the Ryobi Environmental Preservation Committee, under which subcommittees are in place at each entity, taking the initiative. Thus, the entire Group is hard at work reducing energy and resource consumption, minimizing waste and cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions.

Promoting Further Social Contribution Activities

Ryobi energetically encourages its employees' social contributions, which involve participation in aluminum can salvage campaigns, cleaning activities in river areas and on the roads around our plants and offices, as well as charity bazaars and blood drives. Furthermore, the Ryobi Social Contribution Foundation, a nonprofit organization (NPO), donates goods, provides funding and dispatches volunteers to social welfare and NPOs as well as volunteer and other groups.

Value the Trust and Goodwill of Society

To be widely trusted by society, we must maintain a corporate structure in which corporate activities are conducted equitably, ethically, and in compliance with statutory regulations. Placing importance on compliance we therefore established the Ryobi Compliance Committee to promote and ensure compliance. Ryobi is working to ensure that its corporate activities meet the highest ethical principles, as outlined in the Ryobi Code of Conduct.


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