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Ryobi Supplies Builders' Hardware to Make Homes and Offices Safe and Comfortable

Ryobi leads the market for door closers, utilizing sophisticated casting and machining technologies honed from its die casting expertise, and is creating new frontiers in beauty and functionality. From the home to the office, we are offering door closers and other architectural hardware that support a comfortable lifestyle and emphasize safety.

Opening a New History in Door Closers

Our door closers offer exceptional durability and attractive appearance. In 1963, Ryobi commercialized the first diecast door closer, to widespread acclaim. Numerous hit products have followed, featuring original mechanisms with superior functionality and new aluminum alloys that enhance durability. Among these, “Doorman” has revitalized the image of door closers with its ease of installation and interior-oriented, attractive design.

Ryobi Builders’ Hardware Finds Widespread Facility Application

Ryobi’s “ENESAVER” air-conditioning controller ensures comfortable temperatures in offices, hospitals and hotels, and provides comfortable living spaces as well. Sliding door closers designed from the barrier-free point of view are necessary for hospital patients and the elderly, and help to enhance safety. In addition, our builders’ hardware includes door guards, hinges and other architectural hardware.

Product Development in Pursuit of Comfortable Living Environments

Ryobi aspires to play an essential role in everyday life based on a lifestyle-oriented mind-set and reliable technology. We aim to provide the ultimate in comfort for residences and offices, and are developing products that are not only functional and safe, but which also adhere to barrier-free and other design principles to contribute to the realization of an inclusive society. Among these products, the automatic door controller, RUCAD, is drawing growing attention as it enables easy door opening and closing for wheelchair users as well as people whose hands are occupied, such as when carrying baggage.

Ryobi Builders' Hardware


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