Thank you for visiting the RMGT booth at drupa 2016

drupa 2016, the world's biggest printing exhibition held for 11 days from May 31 to June 10 was closed.

Many visitors around the world visited the RMGT booth everyday, and new symbol mark, corporate message and new designed presses were presented to the visitors.

RMGT presented solutions for shorter lead time and consistent high quality printing through demonstration of two new presses; A1 size press RMGT 9 and 1,050 mm format press RMGT10 by incorporating LED-UV curing systems and PQS-D inline-printing quality control systems.

RMGT also presented an approach to digital printing market by exhibiting RMGT DP7, a B2-size liquid toner type digital offset press.

We appreciate your visiting RMGT booth during the drupa 2016 exhibition.

RMGT Booth-5jpg.jpg
All staff member.jpg

Thank you from all staff members belonging to the RMGT booth.

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