IGAS 2018

Time Schedule of Demonstration at IGAS 2018

RMGT will provide three demonstrations, under the theme "Assist your potential with technological expertise and constant innovation". Through these demonstrations, in addition to RMGT's smart factory of the future, we will introduce new automation and laborsaving technologies that improve printing quality and shorten lead times.

RMGT Smart Factory Solutions

Proposals for material handling within the print shop, utilizing collaborative robots and automated guided vehicles(AGVs), RMGT Remote Maintenance Service that employ IoT and cloud technologies, etc.


Automation solutions for multi-variety small-lot package printing.

Proposals for chemical embossed printing using LED-UV and transporting paper utilizing automated guided vehicles(AGVs).

RMGT 9 and RMGT JP750

Ideal production solution for entire print shops.

Proposals for using in combination with digital press JP 750 and offset press 920PF-8.

Time schedule of Demonstrations

*Please note that the time schedule of July 26 (open at 11:00 AM) differs from the schedule of July 27 through 31 (open at 10:00 AM).


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