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New DAIYA 400 (1,120 mm Format Offset press)
V3000 series (1,050 mm Format Offset presses)
RYOBI 920 series (A1-Size Offset Presses)
RYOBI 750 series (B2-Size Offset Presses )
RYOBI 760E series (B2-Size Offset Presses)
RYOBI 680X series (A2-Plus Size Offset Presses)
RYOBI 520 series (A3-Plus Size Offset Presses)
RYOBI 3404X-DI / 3404E-DI (A3-Size Portrait Format 4-Color Offset Presses with Built-in Direct Imaging)
RYOBI 3200 / 3300 series (A3-Size Portrait Format Offset Presses)
RYOBI MCS series (Pack to Pack, Continuous Form Printing)

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