IGAS 2018

IGAS 2018 Report(2) Optimized production at a printing factory collaborated with offset and digital printing presses

A1 size format 8-color convertible perfector press, 920PF-8, ( 4 over 4) instant dry printing by LED-UV and B2 size format Ink jet digital press JP750 show us unique two modes print demonstration collaborated with two machines with each other in extreme short run-length quick job changeover featuring an optimized printing production for whole factory system.


Two presses photo shot for RMGT 920PF-8+LED-UV & RMGT JP750

The theme of the demo is very epoch-making printing way showing how to solve difficult requirement to lower cost, short turn-around delivery, with pamphlets in A4 size format 16 pages impositions on perfecting printing, which allocate various companies' name & address differently and individually in-printed using board folded sheet with 100 copies.


Just right after the demonstration of RMGTJP750, printed samples are ready to be served for visitors.

There's a special transport robot AGV (Automated guided vehicle), which can follow an operator to walk on automatically sensing, and it brings customers the printed samples instantly made. This seems to be something unusual and extra-ordinary. How surprising it is!


AGV Automated guided vehicle, transport robot, is bringing customers printed samples.

This is a world-first LED-UV printing system innovated by RMGT in 2008.
It can relieve from and prevent printing problems caused by splashed powder and time wastes by drying and extremely improve printing productivity. That is [Instant Drying Revolution] in the commercial printing industry. This press is a world best seller model, A1 size format 8-color convertible perfector press RMGT 920PF-8+LED-UV.
The new device, Air present on feeder section, simultaneous parallel make-ready process, such new functions can reduce make-ready time much shorter than ever and 2 jobs can be quickly processed in extreme short make-ready time. Moreover, a company who installed PQS-D In-line Quality Control System featuring the merit is introduced in the video footage.


RMGT 920PF-8+LED-UV equipped with PQS-D(I+C+R)

The optimization of production in whole factory environment can be realized by offset printing press as for middle run-length turn-around jobs as same as digital press as for short run-length turn-around jobs against high quality printing critically demanded.


Customers looking printed samples made by both presses, offset press and digital press.

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