New Year Show 2019 at our Tokyo Show Room

demo4.jpg We held "New Year Show 2019" at our Tokyo show room, on 7th - 8th February. We introduced the visualization, automation, and labor-saving technologies behind the concept of a "Smart Factory of the future" under the theme "Assist Your Potential".

 With our "Wearable remote assist system", machine down time will be shortened.
This time we introduced printing demonstration by a wide range of lineup from B1 size to A3 size printing presses equipped with LED-UV. In addition, we set up an exhibition section of peripheral equipment / related material manufacturers and a printed sample exhibition section that introduces printed materials produced by the printing company, and we propose the latest information useful for customers and the optimal business model. Approximately 260 people visited during the exhibition and it was booming.

Print Demonstration
  • 1) RMGT 1050V1ST-5+LED-UV For RMGT 1050V1ST-5 equipped with LED-UV dryer, we showed B1 size poster printing, and also package printing by using fluorescent pink for the 5th color in addition to the process 4 color on 0.3 mm thick paper.
  • 2) RMGT 940ST-4+LED-UV
    We introduced immediate dry printing of LED-UV and quality inspection function and density control system by print quality management system PQS-D (I+C).
  • 3) RMGT 340HA-2 and RMGT 340PCX-2
    We demonstrated two color printing of long 3 envelopes by 340HA-2 and a monochromatic two - sided printing demonstration by 340PCX-2.

Smart factory concept
(Wearable Remote Support System, Press Information Cloud)


About the smart factory concept considered by RMGT, we introduced the wearable remote support system, "Press Information Cloud", while experiencing actual machines. For the new service "wearable remote support system" that contributes to shortening downtime due to machine trouble, we connected Tokyo and our Hiroshima head office, where RMGT service control center is located, and experienced the benefits of the customer.

In addition, we introduced "press information cloud" (Scheduled for introduction), which enables visualization of the operating conditions of multiple presses in a print shop. The merit of this cloud is not only to visualize operating status of printing presses, but also being able to improve the printing site and strengthen preventive maintenance by collecting, viewing and analyzing various productivity indexes and broke paper information, etc.


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