Successful open house held by Cyber SM at their showroom in Bangkok, Thailand

Our distributor, Cyber SM (Thai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to CYBER SM) held a new year show at their showroom in Bangkok, from February 25th to 26th and the RYOBI 928P machine (a refurbished machine) and some post-press equipment were exhibited.

During the demonstration, CYBER SM showed the possibility of the A1 press with perfector for packaging market. The demonstration was made with RYOBI 928P convertible perfector plus LED-UV drying system by using 8 color straight mode printing, double white + standard process CMYK + Special color + OP varnish inline on the metalized paper. Then, by using off-line coating machine, the chemical embossing effect on the metalized sheet was demonstrated as the high value-added products for packaging market.

The purpose of the demonstration is to introduce the efficiency and quality of the machine. Customer realizes they can utilize the convertible perfecting machine not only for the commercial and publishing printing, but also for the package printing upto 0.4 mm thickness. Through the show, we were happy to hear from the visitors saying they were well convinced that the RMGT 920 Series is the one to make profit throughout their total printing business.

From Thailand and Myanmar, CYBER SM gathered over 250 visitors from printing companies and also many students from 3 universities (majored in printing) and the event was successfully held.

We strongly believe the event brought customer's big interest to the RMGT machines.

163cyber1.jpg  163cyber2.jpg
RYOBI 928P Live demonstration       Explanation to the customer
(Straight 8 color printing)           by Mr. Songsith Hovijit,
                      Managing Director of CYBER SM

163cyber3.jpg  163cyber4.png
Experience of Remote Maintenance System   Chemical embossed sample by RYOBI 928P
(RMS)                   (Double White+CMYK+SP+OP+Off-line
                      UV varnish)

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