Successful exhibition CHINA PRINT 2021, Beijing on June 23 - 27, 2021

CHINA PRINT is the largest international printing exhibition in Asia and takes place every four year.
RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology Ltd. and Chinese distributor, Beijing Jia He Ding Xin Technology & Business Co.,Ltd. (DINGA) jointly participated in CHINA PRINT2021 which was held at New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, CHINA on June 23rd - 27th, 2021.

Regardless of the current world-wide COVID-19 situation, 136,338 visitors came to this exhibition and CHINA PRINT's official website received approximately 1,100,000 page views during this period.

booth1.jpg  booth2.jpg

We exhibited RMGT 1050TP-8+LED-UV and RMGT 920PF-8+LED-UV as our flagship perfector models, and RMGT 790ST-5XL as the most versatile press not only for commercial but also packaging printing.

And DINGA interviewed several printing companies which were using RMGT latest printing presses and introduced their real voice during the demonstration.

1050TP-8.jpg  CP_920PF-8.jpg
   RMGT 1050TP-8+LED-UV          RMGT 920PF-8+LED-UV

790ST-5 .jpg  movie.jpg
     RMGT 790ST-5XL           Movie of our Chinese VIP user

We also introduced RMGT's smart factory and Cloud technology for further productivity and automation.

Smart Factory.jpg  samples.jpg
     Smart-factory corner            Printed sample corner

Through CHINA PRINT 2021, we are strongly convinced of China printing industry's further expansion. And RMGT's products and new technologies can surely contribute to the customers from the viewpoint of improvement of automation, productivity, efficiency and environmental conservation. In cooperation with DINGA, we will accelerate our sales and service activity in order to ensure our great success!!!

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