IGAS 2022 Report (5), November 27th (Sun.)

RMGT 10 Showcase Corner: Increased productivity for package printing

This corner featured RMGT's flagship RMGT 10 1,020/1,060 mm format offset presses. In addition to a video about the functions and features of the RMGT 10 1,020/1,060 mm format model, which offers much higher productivity for package printing, some user reports from Japan and overseas were introduced.

RMGT 10 Showcase Corner

Godo Co., Ltd., which purchased a 1020LX-6 6-color 1,020 mm format press with a varnish coater.
LED-UV instant-drying printing was used to print on G flute corrugated cardboard to differentiate the company's short-run package printing services.

KSI Co., Ltd. of Korea operates four 1050TP-8 tandem perfectors.
Higher productivity and greatly reduced materials costs thanks to the 1050TP's capacity for 16-up printing of 182 mm x 257 mm size.

Corner for experiencing RMGT press maintenance services, including Remote Maintenance Systems*

This corner highlighted RMGT's innovations in the area of maintenance, one of the themes of RMGT's Smart Factory solutions. RMGT booth visitors were introduced to a service menu covering every aspect of maintenance, including remote support services, PDA inspections, improvement upgrades for existing presses, and maintenance supplies and parts. Visitors were also able to experience the operation of a remote maintenance system using a one-time password.

*Remote Maintenance Systems: Japanese market only

Simulation of using a wearable terminal to communicate with an RMGT service center

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