IGAS 2022 Report (6), November 28th (Mon.)

A variety of collaboration products offering hints for achieving the SDGs! RMGT-CSPI Corner

This corner introduced collaboration products from RMGT-CSPI (RMGT Consortium for a Sustainable Printing Industry) member companies to assist printing companies who are seeking to achieve the SDGs. The corner featured exhibit areas on solutions for each of the RMGT-CSPI themes of "Interconnection," "Automation & Labor-saving," "Maintenance," and the "Environment," and also introduced some of the initiatives undertaken by RMGT-CSPI member companies.


After five eventful days, the curtain closed today on IGAS 2022. We would like to thank the many visitors to the RMGT booth during IGAS 2022.

IGAS 2022 offered visitors an opportunity to learn more about RMGT, including our Smart Factory solutions for assisting the future development of printing companies, robot technology applications, and ongoing innovation in total printing systems. By continuing to work closely with RMGT-CSPI partner companies, we plan to be indispensable for the printing industry, moving steadily forward to create a bright future for printing together with our customers.


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