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 Relevant Packaging (USA)
 Model:RMGT 1060TP-8(7/1)+CC+LD
 Time: 04:26

 RMGT 1060TP-8(7/1) +CC+LD with
 Automatic nonstop feeder with pile logistic system

 GODO Co., Ltd. (Japan)
 Model: RMGT 1020LX-6+CC+LED-UV+LD
 Time: 6:00

 1020LX-6 enhancing the business strength and
 advantages with G-flute corrugated
 boards package printing

 Korean Studies Information Co.,Ltd. (Korea)
 Model: 1050TP-8
 Time: 6:23

 Superior productivity of book printing by
 4 sets of 1050TP presses

 Good Package Co., Ltd. (Korea)
 Model: 1050LX-6+CC
 Time: 2:20

 Highly efficient operability & productivity on
 small volume & multi-kinds packaging products
 by 1050LX press

 Litografia Bruni s.r.l. (Italy)
 Model: 970PF-8
 Time: 5:22

 The world 1st 970PF-8 in Italy

 Crown Package Co., Ltd. (Japan)
 Model: V3000LX-5
 Time: 3:01

 The leading edge trend for cardboard and
 package printing

 Beijing Topcent Printing Co., Ltd. (China)
 Model: 1050TP-8
 Time: 2:37

 Pursuit to efficient productivity and superior
 cost saving

 Ningbo Shiji Yonghe Printing (China)
 Model: 920 Series
 Time: 3:25

 Enhancing versatility for soft packaging printing

 Langfang Jiayi Printing (China)
 Model: 920ST-4 & 920PF-8+LED-UV 
 Time: 3:20

 Superior product efficiency and environmental
 friendliness exceeding German printing machines

 Shanxi Wanjia Printing (China)
 Model: 920PF-8+LED-UV 
 Time: 2:59

 Diversifying printed products on crucial market
 demands by two RMGT LED-UV presses

 Wuhan Xinhua Printing (China)
 Model: 1050TP-8 
 Time: 3:32

 Enhancing total competitiveness
 by the pioneer, RMGT tandem perfector

 Korean Studies Information Co.,Ltd. (Korea)
 Model: 1050TP-8 
 Time: 5:32

 Combining offset and digital printing

 Druckerei Kyburz AG (Switzerland)
 Model: 920PF-9 
 Time: 5:10

 Meeting precise demand needs with
 two LED-UV presses

 Model: 920PF-8 
 Time: 5:54

 Maximum efficiency and environment
 friendly by 920PF-8

 Model: 1050TP-8
 Time: 2:52

 Introduction of 1050TP-8 in replacement of
 3 straight press

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