The New RMGT Brand

Oct. 1, 2015

the New Brand, the New Style

A totally revamped design and lineup

A new design was introduced for the totally revamped product lineup, which combines the strengths of the former Ryobi Limited and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing and Packing Machinery, Ltd.

The new design emphasizes the safety, simplicity, and easy operation of RMGT's high-performance, advanced function presses. Sharp styling expresses innovation and precision. Integration of advanced technology and superior functionality enhances performance.

The new brand lineup — from 1,130 mm to A3-size portrait format

RMGT 11 (1,130 mm format)

1,130 mm format offset press 1130TP-10 1130TP-10 (tandem perfector)

RMGT 10 (1,020/1,050 mm format)

1,050 mm format offset press 1050LX-6 1050LX-6 (with coating unit)

RMGT 9 (A1-size)

A1-size offset press 920PF-8 920PF-8 (convertible perfector)

RMGT 7 (B2-size)

B2-size offset press 790ST-5 790ST-5 (with coating unit)

RMGT 6 (A2-plus size)

A2-size offset press 690ST-4 690ST-4

RMGT 5 (A3-plus size)

A3-plus size offset press 520GX-4 520GX-4 (with coating unit)

RMGT 3 (A3-size portrait format)

A3-size portrait format offset press 340PCX-2 340PCX-2 (B-B type perfector)

* The time to switch to one of the new brand presses varies by model.
For details, contact an RMGT sales representative.

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