RMGT to Exhibit at drupa 2024

RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology Ltd. (RMGT, president: Katsushi Hirokawa) will exhibit at drupa 2024 in Dusseldorf, Germany for 11 days from Tuesday, May 28 thru Friday, June 7.
(Booth location: Hall 16 / Booth E11; Booth size: 600 m²)

Under the theme "Assist Your Potential with Technological Expertise and Constant Innovation," RMGT's exhibits and demonstrations will focus on two major concepts: "Further automation for package printing" and "Increased productivity for commercial printing through autonomous operation."

Presses on display will include the RMGT 1060LX-6 wide stock range 1,060 mm format offset press for the package printing market and the RMGT 970PF-8 A1-plus size convertible perfector for the commercial printing market, highlighting how the advanced automation and laborsaving technologies of RMGT presses are pioneering a new era for both package printing and commercial printing.


Press model exhibited

For the Package Printing Market

1,060 mm format 6-color offset press equipped with a coating unit and long delivery
>>See here for more on the RMGT 1060

The 1060LX is an upgraded model that offers improved paper feed and delivery performance and a much shorter make-ready time during job changeover, significantly boosting productivity for package printing. The 1060LX's advanced features, which greatly boost package printing productivity through continuous operation and speedy job changeover, will be demonstrated using two printing images with special colors and coating varnish.


  • Continuous operation using an automatic nonstop feeder and delivery shutter*
  • High-speed package printing of 17,100 S.P.H., including the use of a polygon type vacuum wheel at the delivery section and enhanced feeder-and-registration section functions that increase the printing speed for heavy stock*
  • Simul Changer fully automatic simultaneous plate changer for fast job changeover, and a retractable coating unit (with a semi-automatic plate changer) that enables preparation for varnish coating to be performed while printing*
  • Instant-drying printing using an LED-UV curing unit; capable of high-value-added printing such as chemical embossed printing*

For the Commercial Printing Market

A1-plus size 8-color convertible perfector
RMGT 970PF-8
>>See here for more on the RMGT 970

Capable of handling the world's most popular A1-plus size, the 970 offers major cost advantages. This next-generation A1-plus size press is equipped with an array of advanced automation functions for assisting the operator, including Smart Assist Printing for automatic continuous printing of multiple jobs. Demonstrations will include continuous printing of two jobs using Smart Assist Printing, highlighting the higher operating rate for commercial printing as well as operation by entry level operators made possible by the 970's automation functions.


  • A perfecting device ensures stable paper transport and reversing even during high-speed printing, and an LED-UV curing unit* enables one-pass instant-drying perfecting
  • A Smart-FPC fully automatic simultaneous plate changer with benderless plate clamp for quick job changes*, and a predictive control system quickly achieves the target density
  • A PQS-D (I+C+R) printing quality control system checks the quality of every printed sheet*
  • Automatic continuous printing of multiple jobs is made possible using Smart Assist Printing in combination with the PQS-D printing quality control system*

Other Exhibits

The RMGT booth will also include smart factory proposals for optimizing production by network connection of the printing processes, as well as the latest drying technology and other solutions.
We invite you to visit RMGT and experience these innovations for yourself!

Please refer to the following URL on the drupa 2024 official website for information on our exhibit.

>>drupa 2024

We hope to see you there!

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