RMGT 10 (1,020/1,060 mm format)

RMGT 10 - 1,020/1,060 mm Format Offset Presses
TP (Tandem perfector)

RMGT10 TP (Tandem perfector)

The RMGT 10 TP is a unique tandem perfector press on which the reverse-side printing units are connected to a straight printing press via a special translink unit. After printing the reverse side, the front side is printed without the need to reverse the printed sheets, eliminating various limitations typically associated with perfecting. This also makes it possible to perform perfecting on heavy stock. UV perfecting is also possible by equipping the translink unit with a UV curing unit, providing high-grade printing with no difference in printing quality between the front and reverse sides.

  • Special translink unit smoothly transfers sheets from the reverse-side printing units to the front-side printing units without turning the sheets over.
  • Sheet transfer is performed without changing the gripping side, so plate making position is the same for the front and reverse sides.
  • Virtually no fan-out, so front and reverse register precision is comparable to that on a straight press.
  • Configuration can be freely selected from among 1 to 5 reverse-side printing units and 1 to 5 front-side printing units according the job requirements.
  • Inline printing control of printing sheets including a quality inspection function, a printing density tracking function and an automatic register adjustment function is available with PQS-D (option).
  • Continuous printing of multiple short-run work without sampling printed sheets is possible with Smart Assist Printing function (option).
  • Blanket cleaning time is shortened to further enhance efficiency of job changes.
  • 758 x 1,060 mm (29.84" x 41.73") for special format (option).


Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
This data was obtained under RMGT's standard test conditions. Results will vary according to the operating conditions.
Model1020 model1060 model
Max. printing speed 16,200 S.P.H.
Max. sheet size 740 x 1,020 mm 750 x 1,060 mm
Min. sheet size 360 x 540 mm
Max. printing area 730 x 1,020 mm 740 x 1,050 mm
Paper thickness 0.04 - 0.6 mm

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