RMGT 3 (A3-Size Portrait Format)

RMGT 3 - A3-Size Portrait Format 2-Color Offset Presses 

RMGT3 340HA-2
(Not available for countries that require CE marking.)

The 340HA-2 presses provide flexible, economical, multi-color printing. They are ideal for meeting the growing demand for short-run color printing of postcards, leaflets, direct-mail advertisements, envelops, etc.

  • Satellite-type cylinder arrangement employed, consisting of a double-diameter impression cylinder and double-diameter and triple-diameter transfer cylinders
  • SPC semiautomatic plate changer provides fast, accurate plate changing
  • Paper feed cylinder diagonal image adjustment and dial-controlled image position adjustment
  • Lever-controlled ink fountains for easy fine color adjustment (option)
  • PCS-F printing control system includes an operation stand for remote adjustment of the ink fountain keys (option)


Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
This data was obtained under RMGT's standard test conditions. Results will vary according to the operating conditions.
Max. printing speed 10,000 S.P.H.
Max. sheet size 450 x 340 mm
Min. sheet size 100 x 90 mm
Max. printing area 438 x 330 mm
Paper thickness 0.04 - 0.3 mm

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