RMGT 7 (B2-Size)

RMGT 7 - B2-Size Offset Presses
760 model

RMGT7 760 model

The 760 models boast excellent cost performance to meet printing market needs for lower costs. The maximum printing area is large enough to easily handle 8-up printing of B5 size, and integration of the operation stand into the press reduces installation space.

  • Double-diameter impression cylinder and double-diameter transfer cylinder ensure stable sheet transport even when printing on heavy stock
  • Excellent cost performance, with many of the same features as the 790 models
  • Easily handles 8-up printing of B5 size
  • PCS-K printing control system is built right into the press for a compact footprint


Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
This data was obtained under RMGT's standard test conditions. Results will vary according to the operating conditions.
ModelST (straight press)PF (convertible perfector)
Max. printing speed 13,000 S.P.H.
Max. sheet size 600 x 765 mm
Min. sheet size 200 x 279 mm Straight printing: 200 x 279 mm
Perfecting: 295 x 325 mm
Max. printing area 760ST-S(PF-S): 545 x 765 mm
760ST-XL(PF-XL): 580 x 765 mm
Paper thickness 0.04 - 0.6 mm Straight printing: 0.04 - 0.6 mm
Perfecting: 0.04 - 0.4 mm

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