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Installation of an LED-UV curing unit

Upgrade summary
  • Your oil-based ink press will be modified to LED-UV specifications.
  • Retrofitting can be performed on the perfecting device section, delivery cylinder section or delivery section, between printing units or over the translink unit.
Benefits of upgrading
  • Eliminates time waiting for printed sheets to dry, enabling shorter lead times.
  • LED-UV curing saves energy and reduces running costs, comparing to UV printing.
  • Enables printing on plastic film, synthetic paper, metallized paper, and other non-absorbent substrates.*
    *Curing performance varies depending on the type of substrates.
Time required for installation
Installation will be completed in 2 to 7 days, depending on the press configuration and specifications.
  • Cleaning is required prior to installation.
    (Dust on or around the UV lamp will shorten its service life.)
  • The existing powder spray device needs to be removed and will no longer be of use.
    (The retrofitted press cannot be used for both UV and oil-based printing.)

Main modification locations on DAIYA 3000TP

Installation of an LED-UV curing unit

Main modification locations on V3000TP

(Other than for the delivery section, the modifications are the same as DAIYA 3000TP)

Installation of an LED-UV curing unit

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