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Installation of LED-UV curing units

Upgrade summary
Your press will be equipped with one or more LED-UV curing units for instant-dry printing. (Available in 2-row, 3-row, and 5-row LED-UV curing unit types according to the drying capacity.)
Benefits of upgrading
  • Eliminates time waiting for printed sheets to dry, enabling shorter lead times.
  • LED-UV curing saves energy and reduces running costs, comparing to UV printing.
  • Enables printing on plastic film, synthetic paper, metallized paper, and other non-absorbent substrates.*
    * Curing performance varies depending on the type of substrates.
Time required for installation
Generally 5 to 7 days are required for 2 units, and 3 to 4 days for 1 unit.
See "Important Notes regarding Installation of an LED-UV Curing Unit" below.

Major modification locations for 920PF-8 A1-size 8-color convertible perfector.

Installation of LED-UV curing units

Major modification locations for 920ST-6 straight press quipped with a semi-long delivery (5-row type).

Installation of LED-UV curing units

Important Notes regarding Installation of LED-UV Curing Units

  1. Replacement of the CD gripper is required for RMGT 790 models (XL type semi-long and long delivery) and RMGT 940/920 models (semi-long delivery).
  2. The powder spray device must be removed.
  3. Depending on the press configuration and specification, additional work on the press frame may be required.
  4. Electrical controls will be modified depending on the press configuration and specification. It may be necessary to operate the LED-UV curing unit using an LED-UV controller rather than via the press operation stand's touch panel.

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