A Message from the Management

Aiming to Become a Sound and Dynamic Corporation

Amid rapid and dramatic change in the corporate business environment, forecasting the future has become increasingly difficult. In the global economy, national borders are disappearing as strides are being made in the globalization of management. In addition, the way in which companies conduct their business is under close scrutiny from many perspectives, including corporate social responsibility and corporate governance.

Guided by its corporate philosophy, "Create a sound and dynamic corporation through technology, trust and challenge," the Ryobi Group seeks to establish itself as an indispensable existence in society by responding to the needs of customers and society with innovative, top-quality products and services. While developing its die casting business in tandem with its finished products, Ryobi will continue to make every effort to ensure that its customers, shareholders, business partners and employees find their association with Ryobi to be a rewarding experience.

We intend to continue to create and distribute the products and services, which contribute to society for a higher standard of living, and a better quality of life, thereby deepening the degree of trust in Ryobi held by customers and society worldwide. As the Ryobi Group maintains its commitment to being a "sound and dynamic corporation," it will continue to pursue the development of new technologies, products and services, and pave the way to a better tomorrow. We humbly request your continued understanding and support.

Akira Urakami
President and CEO
Akira Urakami
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