Manufacturing System

Responding quickly to customer requests thanks to our proprietary vertically integrated system and global manufacturing structure.

The greatest feature of Ryobi's Die Castings Business is its vertically integrated system, in which all processes from prototyping and die design and fabrication to casting, machining and assembly are performed in-house. Based on the technology and experience we have cultivated over the years, we are ready to respond to the diverse needs of our customers in a speedy and precise manner that brings together our corporate agility and comprehensive capabilities.

Proprietary vertically integrated system from prototyping, die design and fabrication to casting, machining and assembly

Die Casting Manufacturing Process


We propose the prototype production method best suited to the customer's requirements.


Manufacture of die cast products begins with the design of the die. Die designers, die engineers and casting engineers collaborate to decide on best procedures, the design being completed quickly and accurately by computer.


Based on the design blueprint, state-of-the-art machine tools and proprietary technologies are used to create the highly precise die.


The die is placed in the die casting machine, and molten alloy fed in at high speed and under high pressure, instantaneously creating the die casting.


This is then machined, surface treated and assembled according to customer requirements.


Precision testing is conducted at each processing stage, including the 3-D measurement of the product's dimensions, allied with X-ray and strength testing.

Global Manufacturing System

The Ryobi Group has production bases in six countries and supplies top-quality die cast products to automobile manufacturers around the world.

Ryobi Limited's Hiroshima Plant, which functions as the mother plant, has been improving the productivity and quality of the entire group through the automation of production lines, introduction of ICT and enhancement of quality assurance levels.

Large dies for use by Ryobi Group companies are fabricated in Ryobi's Hiroshima East Plant.

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