Social Contribution

Coexistence with Local Communities. Aiming to Realize a Truly Affluent Society.

The Ryobi Group is actively working to give back to the community with the aim of realizing a truly affluent society.

We are taking a wide range of measures to this end, including cleanup activities and aluminum can salvage campaign as well as the dispatch of volunteers and donations of goods carried out by the NPO Ryobi Social Contribution Foundation.

Social Contribution Activities

Aluminum Can Salvage Campaign

At offices around our headquarters in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, employees collect aluminum cans from residences and other nearby location. They sell the cans to aluminum recycling companies and donate the proceeds to the NPO Ryobi Social Contribution Foundation.

Cleanup Activities around Our Offices

At the offices near our headquarters, all employees have been called upon once a year since 1990 to pick up cans and trash around the nearby parks. Employees at other offices also periodically clean roads in neighboring areas.

Blood Donation

At the request of the Japanese Red Cross Society, we encourage employees to participate in blood drives conducted on office grounds in bloodmobiles.

Field Trips and Plant Tours

Ryobi's Head Office in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, welcomes students from neighboring elementary, junior high and high schools, providing a field trip destination that offers tours of its die casting and printing equipment manufacturing facilities. Moreover, in summer the plant tours held at these facilities are open to the general public. Such events help facilitate the understanding of our operations among members of communities in which we operate.

Participation in Local Events

We proactively participate in a variety of local events, hoping to contribute to the vitalization of regional communities.

Activities of the NPO Ryobi Social Contribution Foundation

The NPO Ryobi Social Contribution Foundation conducts a wide range of activities, including dispatching volunteers, supporting action funds, and donating goods to social welfare organizations, NPOs, volunteer groups, and more. The foundation has a strong track record that includes support for people and regions affected by earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Urakami Scholarship Foundation

This foundation was established in 1970 with the personal funds of Yutaka Urakami, the founder of Ryobi Limited. The foundation provides support for students with promising futures, research support for universities and researchers, and more.

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