CSR Management

Together with People, Together with Society

Guided by its corporate philosophy, "Create a sound and dynamic corporation through technology, trust and challenge," Ryobi Group has as the basis of its management the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility. To this end, Ryobi Group aims for the creation of sustainable corporate value and the realization of a better society.

We are endeavoring to remain a company that not only pursues profit through fair competition, but also one that is well-liked, trusted and perceived to be useful by society at large.

Concern for the global environmentEnvironmental Protection

The Ryobi Group believes that an important management issue is protecting the environment and reducing the environmental impact of business activities.

The Ryobi Group established the Ryobi Environmental Preservation Committee with the purpose of reducing the environmental impact of its business activities and contributing to the development of regional communities.

Coexistence with local communitiesSocial Contribution

The Ryobi Group is actively working to give back to the community with the aim of realizing a truly affluent society.

Compliance with statutory regulations, ethics, etc.Compliance

To be widely trusted by society, we must maintain a corporate structure in which corporate activities are conducted equitably, ethically, and in compliance with statutory regulations.

Improving customer satisfaction levelsSupplying Customer-centered Products and Services

We are constantly working to improve quality in order to provide products and services that truly satisfy customers while meeting market needs.

At our production bases in Japan and overseas, we have acquired certification for the international standards of quality management ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

Ensuring mutual prosperity with suppliersFair Transactions

Building sound and favorable relationships with suppliers is one of action principles all Ryobi Group members must uphold.

Improving employee satisfaction levels, promoting safety and healthCreating harmonious, supportive workplacesTogether with Employees

We are working to utilize diverse human resources, foster an environment where everyone can achieve their full potential, and create workplaces where everyone can perform their duties safely, healthily, and enthusiastically.

Communication with stakeholdersActive Disclosure of Corporate Information

We quickly, impartially and actively disclose corporate information as needed and as appropriate to shareholders, investors and all other stakeholders.

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Corporate Governance

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