Door Closers


Advanced and Sophisticated Closer

Ryobi GEOPRO Series Door Closers

D-3200 Series

Slim-line Body and Smooth Operation (Size 3-6)

D-2200 Series

Slim-line Body and Smooth Operation (Size 2-4)

D-1200 Series

Compact Body and Smooth Operation

8000 Series

Geat Selection for Door Size

8800 Series

Basic Model for All

D-4550 Series

High End Industrial Door Closer

D-3550 Series

Best Performed Industrial Door Closer

D-2550 Series

Best for Stock Purpose

D-1550 Series

High Performed at Realistic Cost

Function of Door Closers

Closing Power Adjustment

Closing power is adjustable according to door weight and width by adjusting the spring power. To increase closing power, turn spring adjusting nut clockwise. To decrease closing power, turn spring adjusting nut counterclockwise. This closing power adjustment function is equipped with D-4550, D-3550 and D-2550 series door closers.

Full Hydraulic Control

Controls the door through the entire opening and closing cycles by providing adjustable backcheck upon opening and adjustable general and latch speed through the closing cycle. A separate hydraulic valve allows adjustment to delay the closing speed from 180 to 70 degrees of door opening range.

*This illustration shows the position of each valve for D-3550DA.

Adjustable Backcheck

A backcheck feature set and adjusted by an independent valve. When introduced the backcheck stalls the opening of the door around 70 degrees. When doors are violently opened by pedestrians or wind, the backcheck feature reduces the likelihood of damage should contact be made with an adjacent wall or obstacle. For busy doors in public building, schools and colleges this facility protects people and property.

This backcheck function is equipped with 8800, 7000 and D-1550 series as option, and with D-2550, D-3550 and D-4550 as standard.

Optional Delayed Action

An optional delayed action feature adjusted by means of an independent valve. Once set , the door - when opened beyond 70 degrees enters into a delayed mode allowing additional time before the closing. Delayed time can be adjusted to vary from seconds to minutes depending on the angle to which the door is opened. Delayed Closing Action is an advantage to : Nursing staff assisting patients, Domestic staff pushing meals or maintenance trolleys, and the elderly or infirm walking with sticks or frames under supervision.

This delayed action function is equipped with D-3550 and D-4550 series as option.


Concealed Door Closers

Overhead Concealed Door Closers

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Sliding Door Closers


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