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Aiming to Become a Sound and Dynamic Corporation

Guided by its corporate philosophy, "Create a sound and dynamic corporation through technology, trust and challenge," the Ryobi Group seeks to establish itself as an indispensable existence by responding to the needs of customers and society, through innovative, top-quality products and services.

At the same time, the Group is determined to step up its CSR initiatives on various fronts, including corporate governance, occupational safety and hygiene, environmental protection and compliance, in an effort to enhance its CSR-centered management approach.

Currently, the manufacturing sector, and the automotive industry in particular, is expected to be affected by supply chain risks materializing especially in areas associated with prolonged worldwide semiconductor shortages. On the other hand, as the global trend toward across-the-board efforts to address climate change and global warming accelerates, businesses are being called upon to be more focused than ever on fulfilling their social responsibilities and achieving corporate transformation.

Given these circumstances, the Ryobi Group will do its best to help resolve issues society is confronting through its business operations. Moreover, we will take a forward-looking approach to the development of our technologies and human resources, with the aim of achieving sustainable growth.

As Ryobi continues to expand and intensity its efforts to be a sound and dynamic corporation, we humbly ask for your continued understanding and support.

August 2021

Akira Urakami
President and CEO

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