Compliance with Statutory Regulations, Ethics, etc.

To be widely trusted by society, we must maintain a corporate structure in which corporate activities are conducted equitably, ethically, and in compliance with statutory regulations.

Ryobi Charter of Corporate Behavior

The Ryobi Charter of Corporate Behavior establishes a set of principles that Group companies and employees must follow in order to raise awareness of corporate ethics. With the purpose of realizing a “sound and dynamic corporation” as part of its corporate philosophy, the Ryobi Group adheres to all laws and international rules in word and spirit. In addition, beyond being an economic agent that conducts business rooted in common sense, while pursuing profits through fair competition, the Group aims to become a trustworthy company that has a useful presence in society as a whole.

  1. While taking the measures necessary to protect personal data, we shall make efforts to obtain consumer and user trust by the development and provision of useful products and services in a safe and responsible manner.
  2. We shall undertake fair, transparent, free competition and sound business transactions. We will also ensure that interactions with political organizations, governments and government agencies are sound and correct.
  3. In addition to targeting stakeholders, we shall communicate with members of society who are not direct stakeholders and disclose corporate information in a proactive and fair manner.
  4. Recognizing that initiatives to alleviate environmental problems are necessary for the continuing survival of companies, we shall take a proactive approach in preserving the global environment.
  5. We shall actively undertake social contribution activities to fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen.
  6. Along with ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment, we shall respect the diversity, character and individuality of those we hire to build a workplace culture that promotes creativity and dynamism. This, as a consequence, will improve the mental and physical well-being of employees.
  7. We repudiate any connection between antisocial forces and groups that pose a threat to social order and security.
  8. We shall follow international rules and regional laws when undertaking international business activities as well as respect the cultures and customs of such regions and countries, making every effort to contribute to the development of these regions and countries.
  9. With the intent of contributing to the realization of corporate ethics—recognizing the social desires and expectations inherent in their roles—our management shall make efforts to ensure that business partners are fully informed regarding those social desires and expectations and develop systems to realize this.
  10. In cases where violations of this code in fact occur, our management shall assume responsibility in confirming the actual situation, investigate the causes and make efforts to prevent such violations from reoccurring. Disclosure of these events will also occur in a timely and accurate manner, the responsible parties will be identified and disciplinary actions will be undertaken.

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