Electric Vehicle Applications

The popularity of electric vehicles is increasing against the backdrop of the global trend toward decarbonization to meet the needs of the times.

Applications for die casting are expected to expand due to the excellent properties of both aluminum and magnesium alloys. Ryobi has been developing new technologies and manufacturing methods to meet needs in the new age of electric vehicles. Ryobi is also contributing to weight savings through its die cast body and chassis parts.

Die Cast Products for Electric Vehicles (FCV, BEV, PHV, HV)

Reflecting the ongoing shift to electric vehicles, components like batteries and electrical equipment are also diversifying. Moreover, as electric vehicles weigh more than conventional gasoline vehicles, demand for lightweight components is greater than ever. Ryobi satisfies needs related to these changes by supplying customers with top-quality die cast products for electric vehicles, including power and drive system components such as battery cases, motor covers, and gear covers.

E-Axle case
Motor case
In-vehicle battery charger case
Battery case

Ryobi's Die Casting Helping Save Weight in Vehicles

If EVs are to achieve a cruising range equivalent to that of gasoline-powered vehicles, a major challenge is to improve electricity consumption. Lightweight, strong aluminum die cast products are helping to solve this problem.

Aluminum has a specific gravity of 2.7, about one-third that of iron, which has a specific gravity of 7.8. In other words, if you create two objects of the same shape and volume, one out of aluminum and the other out of iron, the aluminum object will have a mass of about one-third of that of the iron object. Therefore, the more steel automotive parts replaced with aluminum, the lighter the car body, leading to lower electricity consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

In addition to such power and drive system components as engines and transmissions, Ryobi has been die casting body and chassis components and supplying them to automobile manufacturers.

Ryobi's aluminum die casting contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by helping to reduce the weight of automobiles.

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