Together with Employees

Improving Employee Satisfaction Levels, Promoting Safety and Health

We are working to utilize diverse human resources, foster an environment where everyone can achieve their full potential,
and create workplaces where everyone can perform their duties safely, healthily, and enthusiastically.

Enhancing Safety

The Ryobi Group is working tirelessly to foster a safety-focused culture.

Basic Policy

We conduct activities in line with the following basic policy to foster a safety-focused culture where everyone, including organizations and individuals, puts safety first.

  1. Ensure everyone attains an accurate understanding of the basic rules of safety and complies with them.
  2. Enhance people’s sensitivity to danger and root out unstable situations and behaviors.
  3. Create workplaces where people can point out each other’s unsafe actions.
  4. Strive to improve people’s mental and physical health.
Employees calling out to put safety first
A training session to improve the skills of patrollers

Safeguarding Health

We promote follow-ups after health checks and mental healthcare.

A mental health seminar
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