Environmental Protection

Concern for the Global Environment, Realization of a Sustainable Society

With the growing focus on protecting the global environment, the Ryobi Group believes that an important management issue is protecting the environment and reducing the environmental impact of business activities.

The Ryobi Group Environmental Policy

The Ryobi Group strives to avoid and mitigate various risks associated with the operating environment and promote initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities, thereby helping realize a sustainable society.

  1. Lower risks and environmental impact.
    (1) Work to identify, avoid and mitigate risks associated with operational processes.
    (2) Work to identify and lower the environmental impact occurring at each stage of a product’s life cycle and, where possible, avoid environmental pollution.
    (3) Work to conserve energy and resources.
    (4) Work to reduce CO2 emissions.
    (5) Work to reduce and recycle industrial waste.
  2. Comply with environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, and agreements as well as requests from interested parties.
  3. Strive to raise awareness of efforts to improve the environment through educational activities related to the environment for all members.
  4. Give back to regional communities through our environmental protection efforts.
  5. To achieve the four goals detailed above, set environmental targets, take relevant measures, make revisions based on the results, and work to continuously improve the environmental management system.
  6. Raise awareness of this environmental policy among all members and release it to the public.

The Ryobi Group’s Environmental Impact Reduction Targets

Reducing CO2 Emissions

  • Reduce our CO2 emissions per unit of net production volume 13% compared to fiscal 2013 by December 2021.
  • Reduce our CO2 emissions per unit of net production volume 1% compared with the previous fiscal year.

Reducing Waste

  • Keep our recycling rate to 99% or higher by thoroughly separating waste.

Ryobi Environmental Preservation Committee

The Ryobi Group established the Ryobi Environmental Preservation Committee with the purpose of reducing the environmental impact of its business activities and contributing to the development of regional communities. This committee is the main driver of our efforts to conserve energy, conserve resources, reduce waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, as part of our social contribution activities, we promote the collection of aluminum cans and participation in the Ashida River Cleanup Rally. Furthermore, we donate the proceeds earned from selling aluminum cans to the Ryobi Social Contribution Foundation.

Environmental Preservation Technologies

The Ryobi Group is engaged in manufacturing that contributes to a higher standard of living and better quality of life.

With the aim of reducing our environmental impact, we are moving ahead with initiatives that not only reduce air pollution, water contamination, and greenhouse gas emissions, which directly affect the environment, but also protect the environment at every stage, from development and design to manufacturing and distribution.

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