Corporate Governance

The Ryobi Group considers the establishment and maintenance of appropriate corporate governance crucial for its growth and development as it fulfills its social responsibility in line with its corporate philosophy.

The trust placed in the corporate philosophy is a reflection of Ryobi’s management stance . To ensure all stakeholders are glad to be associated with Ryobi, the actions of each employee and the actions of the Company must be worthy of trust. Considering this, we are aware that corporate governance is important.

Management Structure

Ryobi Limited maintains a corporate auditor system.

There are three corporate auditors, including two outside corporate auditors. The corporate auditors work to enhance their supervisory functions over the directors’ execution of operations.

There are seven directors. Four are outside directors who have a wealth of international experience and a broad range of knowledge. The directors are responsible for strengthening oversight functions and enhancing transparency in management.

The Board of Directors meets primarily to decide on important matters and supervise the execution of operations. In addition, with the attendance of corporate officers, we hold various meetings that focus on confirming progress on the execution of operations.

Committees under the Board of Directors consider issues pertaining to remuneration and human resources as well as the management of CSR activities, compliance, and risks. In this way, we are strengthening corporate governance.

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