Our Strengths

A World-Leading Die Casting Manufacturer

Ryobi is a world-leading die casting manufacturer.

Our greatest advantage comes from our proprietary vertically integrated system. Because we handle all processes in-house, from die design and fabrication to casting, machining and assembly, we are able to quickly meet customer needs.

We have also established production bases in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Mexico, and Thailand, establishing a global system for meeting customer needs around the world.

Finished Products Businesses

Using our accumulated die casting technologies and experience, we operate such finished products businesses as builders’ hardware and printing equipment.

Though they operate in different domains, our three businesses complement one another, together supporting Ryobi as a whole.

Manufacturing Begins with Developing People

The most important aspect of manufacturing is developing people.

We are focusing on developing our personnel and working to reinforce our strength as a team. We seek to bring together the strengths of all our employees to continue growing as a sound and dynamic company.

Manufacturing begins with developing people. Everything we do depends on our people.

Ryobi at a Glance

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